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    was yet new at Doctor Strong’s, she made several excursions over

    What extravagances she committed; what laughing and crying

    Although I was deeply interested in this dialogue, I could not

    she wanted such and such a thing to be so and so; and it would be

    I come to a new village or that, among the poor people, I found

    discussing how Mr Jack Maldon had gone away, and how he had

    her—as my friend does—exceedingly If it were not that I might

    anybody else’s now I don’t know what I might be fit for, now, as a

    was informed by the very first boy who came back that it was a wig

    David Copperfield

    this establishment, and your employer’


    for exactly, in Peggotty’s militia of words—‘bring my mind to it’

    David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

    was full as plain to everybody as the sun, before Mr Maldon went

    it seems I have no choice in the matter, the sooner I go abroad the

    Dora bent her head over her drawing and said, after a little

    paid off I am talking of Betsey as if she was a man-of-war Well!

    be disturbed by this, but joined in the general admiration without

    me what a heavy heart I carried to it I went up there, hearing the


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